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Getting the set list just right- Your perfect playlist.

With Ste and The Hope Street Busking Band

The music is booked, the wedding is just ahead, and it's time to get excited about the little details! One of the things we talk to our clients about most, are our set lists. What will we play on the day? Will we learn special requests? How will we keep the guests dancing the night away? All great questions, and thankfully with a musicians as experienced and intuitive as Ste and The Hope Street, ones that I can always tell our brides and grooms not to worry about! The Key to any perfect wedding playlist is variety. With so many different people of different ages and backgrounds at each wedding, there's no one size fits all. Chances are that what nana and grandad want to twist to won't be the same as your teenage nieces and nephews, which won't be the same as your bridesmaids and best men! Both of our acts have got that covered. With set list songs ranging from old 50's standards, to swinging 60's, disco for the aunties, a bit of park life for the kids of the 90's right through to the 00's classics and even some Childish Gambino, there isn't a person in the room they can't cater to. And what's more, there isn't a room they can't read. While it can be tempting to want to curate each and every song played at your big day, the piece of advice I always give is this: TRUST THE MUSCICIANS. The most relaxed and flowing functions happen when our couples give us a rough idea of what they like, a few really special requests, and let us take care of the rest. After over ten years in the business, Ste and Hope Street know exactly how to keep a floor full and the mood high. The set list too is ever growing. Thanks to the fabulous range of first dances, dedications and special requests we learn ahead of each big day, there are new songs being added all the time. So how do we get the perfect playlist? We take what's special to you, mix it with what we do best, and add a whole lot of our signature heart.

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