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But what's the best song for my....?

How to match the perfect moment, with the perfect tune.

We love coordinating song ideas with our couples, more than love it, why I'd go so far as to say it's my favourite bit of the job! And, luckily for me, it's something we get asked to do, a lot!

Choosing your ideal song for each part of the day is no mean feat. We all know the feeling, you love music, you know a thousand songs, but suddenly when you're asked to think of the "right" one, your mind goes blank. Every song you've ever heard disappears from memory and the choice is baffling. Below are just a few ideas to help unstick that mental block, and get you on your way.


The Aisle Walk

This is a big one, weeks of stress, months of planning, years of falling in love all lead up to this moment; and when you take your first steps towards the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want a tune you can keep with you forever. It's a good idea to chose a song you know well, it's a pretty nerve-wracking moment and being able to go with the melody might help prevent an awkward dash to the end! Here are some that we love to play:

The Beatles- Here comes the sun

The Lumineers- Ho Hey

Fleetwood mac- Songbird

Bright eyes- First day of my life

Ray Lamontagne- You are the best thing

Ed Sheeran- Perfect

John Legend- All of me

Childish Gambino- So into you

Van Morrisson- Crazy love

Alicia Keys- If I aint got you


The First Dance

To dance or not to dance, that is the question. As more and more couples mix up the tradition of the first dance, it's a scene that's constantly changing. Whether you're going for a choreographed number, or a loving shuffle around the dancefloor, it's a memory that's going to last a lifetime. Very few things give me the goose bumps like finding out what a couple's first dance is gong to be, here are just a few of our highlights from weddings past:

The temptations- My girl

Tom Odell- Grow old with me

The Beatles- I wanna hold your hand

Ben E King- Stand by me

Paulo Nutini- Grant my last request

Jason Miraz- I'm yours

Jackie Wilson- Higher and Higher

Al Green- Let's stay together

Goo Goo Dolls- Iris

Ellie Goulding- How long will I love you

Stevie Wonder- Signed, sealed, delivered

Special Mention-

During lockdown we were lucky enough to be able to record and send over a first dance for two incredible, brave women, getting married in exceptional circumstances due to extremely ill health.

Playing 'Billy Joel- For the longest time' for the incredible Michelle & Becca will forever be one of the first dances we keep in our heads and our hearts.


The Father/Daughter number

For many of our brides, it means a lot to give a nod to the OG guy in their lives- dad. Choosing a father daughter dance has provided some really special moments over the years. A huge highlight of past feedback was one of our beautiful brides letting us know in the days following their wedding, that her dad had called it "one of the best moments of his life." So what are some perfect songs to pick for a spin around the floor with your father? Here's what we recommend:

James Taylor- How sweet it is

Loudon Wainwright- That's my daughter in the water

Paul Simon- Father and Daughter

Van Morrison- Brown eyed girl

Bill Withers- Lovely day

Louis Armstrong- What a wonderful world

The Beach Boys- God only knows

Bob Marley- Three little birds

The Proclaimers- I'm gonna be

Randy Newman- You got a friend in me


The Last Song

It's the end of the night, shoes are off, someone's uncle is having a well deserved (and mostly scotch induced) nap in the corner, and the last song is about to bring this incredible day to a close. Do you want to go out with a bang, or is an arm in arm sing along more your style? Over the years we've been there for quite a few long goodnights and there are definitely some that make the moment, every single time:

The Beatles- Hey Jude

Oasis- Wonderwall

Tina Turner- Proud mary

Natalie Cole- This Will Be

TopLoader- Dancing in the moonlight

Mumford and Sons- Little lion man

James- Sit Down

Lou Reed- Perfect day

Dexy's midnight runners- Come on Eileen

The Liberteens- Don't look back into the sun


We're always expanding our set lists, and we'd love to hear your suggestions! Drop us a comment below and we'll get learning- wedding season is so nearly here and we just can't wait.

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